On the sky

Discover the Costa Brava from a birds sight

Tandem Jump

If you crave for adrenaline and action, the tandem jump is the ideal activity to discover during your holidays. 

Skydive Empuriabrava offers you the unforgettable experience of feeling like a bird while enjoying the magnificent views of the Costa Brava.

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The activity has a duration of approximately 3 hours from the reserved time. Before boarding the plane, an experienced and professional instructor will explain what the tandem jump consists of and will provide the basic knowledge to carry out the activity safely. You will then ascend to an altitude of 4,000 metres in a turbine aircraft (CO2 Emissions Compensated) and then, together, you will jump.. You will be in a free fall at the speed of 200 km/h until you reach the 1500 meters when the instructor will deploy the parachute. You will then experience a 5-minute flight with your tandem parachute over the wonderful beaches of Costa Brava, and enjoy the striking views of Cap de Creus and the Gulf of Roses. You will land gently, at the point where your family and friends will be waiting for you.


Bronze Tandem

– Tandem jump.

Silver Tandem

– Tandem jump.
– Photo report.
– HD video report.
– Skydive Empuriabrava t-shirt.

Gold Tandem

– Tandem jump.
– Photo report.
– HD video report.
– Skydive Empuriabrava t-shirt.
– 3€ donation to charity.

Platinium Tandem

– Tandem jump.
– Photo report.
– HD video report.
– Skydive Empuriabrava t-shirt.
– 3€ donation to charity.
– Jump from 5000 meters.
– Exclusive flight.

Balloon flight

Combine emotion, serenity and relaxation while enjoying the beautiful views of the Empordà. Airona Globus is a family business close to its customers which takes care of quality and makes you participate from the very beginning in the activity.

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The activity will start before the sun rises and you will take part in assembling the ballon. The instructors will explain step by step all the procedures and the reasons behind them. In the meantime, very funny pictures of you will be taken. 

Once you take off you will be able to contemplate the beauty of the dawn. Once you reach 1000 meters, you will enjoy a glass of cava and truffles.

During the flight, the instructor will be telling you all the geographical points of interests.

Once landed, it will be time to fold the ballon and again, you will be invited to help.

In order to recover strength after an unforgettable experience, a fork breakfast in a nearby restaurant will be served. During the breakfast, a copy of the photos taken during the activity will be handed over to you. For the package that the breakfast is not included, a copy of the photos will be handed over after the flight.

The flight duration is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

The total activity duration is 3 hours without breakfast and 4 hours with breakfast.

Economic Flight

– Balloon flight.

– Toast with cava and truffles.

– Photo report.

Premium Flight

– Balloon flight.

– Toast with cava and truffles.

– Photo report.

– Fork breakfast.

Exclusive Flight:

Exclusive balloon flight.

– Toast with cava and truffles.

– Photo report.

– Fork breakfast.

Airplane Flight

Can you imagine what the Costa Brava looks like from the clouds? With Skydive Empuriabrava you can experience it first hand.

Once you take off from the Empuriabrava aerodrome, you will have the fantastic opportunity to fly over the Empordà and to enjoy the magnificent views of a region famous for its legendary, historical, gastronomic and literary heritage.

During the flight, you will fly through the mountains of northern Catalonia, passing by Roses, Cadaqués, Cap de Creus the ruins of Empúries, L’Escala, the Medes Islands, and Cap de Begur.

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– 15 minutes flight.

– 30 minutes flight.

– 1 hour flight.


Enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the Empordà region

Excursion by E-Bike

Exercising while enjoying the cultural, architectural, landscape and natural richness of the Alt Empordà is a great combination. With Empordà Lovers you will have the opportunity to discover new routes with a high-end electric bike. 

The activity offers 4 different options:

Empúries Route (Easy difficulty)

This tour will take you through one of the flattest areas of the Empordà. The route goes through Sant Martí d’Empúries, a medieval village and arrival place for the Greeks and Romans, a civilization that profoundly influenced the culture and landscape of this region. From Sant Martí we’ll follow the agricultural plain of the Empordà all the way to the Empúries ruins where we’ll then enter into the Wetlands Natural Park of Empordà. From here we’ll follow the wide, sandy coastal paths along the Roses Gulf to Sant Pere Pescador, a town surrounded by emblematic natural parks and where we’ll also discover the Gola del Fluvià, la Closa d’en Puig and the Matà Lakes, all the while basking in the fields of apple trees and the green and yellow fields of fruit, and the blues and golds of the surrounding beaches.

Aiguamolls de Vilaüt route (Easy difficulty)

In this tour we’ll explore the wetlands of Empordà, one of the main wetland regions of Catalonia, which stands out for its natural, aesthetic and social values. We’ll experience this exceptional landscape in a different way and all from the comfort of an e-mountain bike.

From the Empúries Castle we’ll dive into the areas around the Vilaüt lagoons, the habitat and refuge for many different species of birds during their migration period. If we’re lucky we’ll see the migratory birds taking a rest during their long journey, or perhaps we’ll hear a thunderous concert of frogs. We’ll continue on through the nature that surrounds the towns of Pau, Vilajüiga, Peralada and Vilanova de la Mug, through the hillside of the Rodes mountains, crossing the Empordà plain and the mosaic of fields and crops protected from the north by rows of cypress trees, before finally returning along the banks of the Muga River.

There is also the possibility of ending the tour with a wine tasting at the Espelt winery.

Llançà - Puig d’Esquer route (Intermediate difficulty)

Llança -Puig d’Esquer Route (Intermediate technical level)

In this tour you’ll discover Albera, an experience that will take you from the coastal town of Llançà to one of the most emblematic peaks in the eastern part of the Albera Nature Reserve, Puig d’Esquer. From here we’ll be treated with an exceptional panoramic view of plain, the Albera mountain range and the Costa Brava coastline.

The e-mountain bike allows us to comfortably and easily enjoy this tour all the up to the peak. Along the way we’ll discover the local Mediterranean vegetation that is very common on Albera hillsides. We’ll continue on to the small valleys and flat areas of the secondary mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, and we’ll discover some of the dolmens and menhirs that make the Alt Empordà one of the places in Catalonia with the highest concentration of megalithic structures. This is a little taster of the lesser known Romanesque heritage of Albera.

Corriol de la Mina route (Very difficult)

This tour brings you to the hidden nooks and crannies of the Cap de Creus Natural Park and lets you experience it in an entirely different and exciting way!

We begin the tour in Roses and from there we follow the narrow paths through Mediterranean vegetation, cruising through abandoned farmhouses, dolmens and stone structures that are so typical of this region, until we finally arrive to the Coll de Perafita, between Cadaqués and Port de la Selva.

The tour continues along paths that used to connect the coastal towns, like Port de laSelva, Llançà and Roses, until we get to Cadaqués, a very charming small fishing town in the Empordà. We’ll return via the southern slope of the Peni mountain, enjoying the thrilling sensations of going up the mountain on an e-mountain bike.      


(*) This tour requires a certain amount of bike experience and the ability to maneuver the

more technical parts of the route.

More information

Possibility to book the experience with or without transfer

All routes include:

  • Expert guide in e-bikes and in knowledge of the territory
  • High-end electric mountain bikes
  • Helmet and water bottle holder




Foto Estudio Samadhi Yoga


Located in the historic center of Castello d’empuries, the studio is charming and full of natural light.

Discover Yoga from the hand of Mònica Salvarani, instructor of different disciplines such as Iyengar, Ashtnaga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, or Kinstretch and with more than 5,000 hours of teaching experience.

Possibility of private or group classes.

Samadhi Yoga turns on your light.




Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea by sailing or discovering the seabed

Sailing Boat Excursion

Slide over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying the sailboat is an experience hard to forget. That is why, with the help of Empuriabrava Sailing Cruisers, you can enjoy a beautiful sailing excursion. 

The activity offers 4 different options:

Relax Sailing – Half day cruising

Enjoy half day aboard a 12-meter sailing cruise. You will departure from the Empuriabrava harbour and you will head towards Cala Rustella, a small yet beautiful beach between Cap Norfeu and Punta Falconera. Once there, you can enjoy a swim and snorkelling in the waters of the Cap de Creus National Park and have a snack. You will return sailing to Empuriabrava crossing the beautiful Bay of Roses. Minimum of 2 people.

Sailing Experience – Full day

Imagine the experience of spending an entire day aboard your boat. You will departure from the Empuriabrava harbour and you will follow the coast towards Cadaqués or Cap de Creus. You will have the freedom to stop at the inlets you like the most. The skipper will adapt the route to your preferences and the wind and sea conditions.

Depending on your predilection, you can decide whether to make more stops in different inlets or more sailing and discover the Bay of Roses from the sea, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of sailors. Minimum of two people.

Sunset Sailing – Sunset + Cava (2h)

Can you think a better way to enjoy the sunset from the middle of the Bay of Roses on a Sailboat together with a glass of Cava?

You will departure from the Empuriabrava harbour to experience the magical sunset light. Minimum of two people

Sup Yoga & Sunrise Sailing – Sunrise creuer + sup yoga + breakfast

A unique experience! During the dawn, you will sail towards the horizon or towards an inlet, where you will awake your body and mind with a yoga session on a paddle surfboard. After exercising and charging batteries, you will enjoy breakfast on board the sailboat. Minimum of 4 people


Get ready to discover the wonders hidden under the rich waters of Cap de Creus or the Medes Islands.

Roses Sub is a professional centre with 30 years of experience that will make you enjoy this unique activity. “Pepita”, the centre’s boat is 14 meters long and is specially equipped for diving. Its large size and capacity will allow you to equip yourself comfortably.

Roses Sub offers a wide variety of activity to suit the level of each customer:

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  • Initiation Courses: Baptism (DSD), Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Courses: Advanced OWD, Rescue Diver + EFR, Dive Master
  • Specialities: Nitrox, Buoyancy, Deep, Drysuit

Reserve an activity

Using this form, by phone, by e-mail or at the hotel’s reception.



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